Isnin, 8 November 2010

My New Baby..

Salam everyone..cheh,tajuk gempaq semacam aja...I'm not pregnant nor gettin anything new yeah..kotla ada yang ingat I dapat dah pow Tag Heuer tuh from Mr R.Takde maknanya dek non2 sekalian...

My new baby yang I nak introduce to you all..termasuklah you sekali yer,my dear silent my new business..been doing it for almost 2 weeks now and I can say that the support and demand is overwhelming.Why? Because what I sell is cheaper than the Retail in Malaysia. Bebe Maison is my new baby..Not just selling baby essentials,I'm now selling toys like Fisher Price,V-tech and leap Frog..All educational and fun for your toddlers.

Fisher Price,V-tech or leap frog kat Malaysia yang high end boleh cecah RM100 lebih..Mine is pre-loved,but I siap wipe cantik2 dengan anti-bacterial wipe semua..Its almost new..I dont think you need to spend RM100 plus for a toy yang entah-entah lepas 2,3 kali main,your child akan campak.Buying for me,For RM100,you can get 3 toys.Why not,kan?

Pada expectant mom,I got range of Medela's,Avent and Tommee Tippee to choose from.For this 1st month starting Bebe Maison,I'm offering a free gift for my blog readers yang purchase from bebe maison.Sila visit now...You wont regret it..Ala,click your mouse kat SINI aja,tak lenguh tangan pon,kan..kan..kan...So,act now,go to the page above,click LIKE and if you want a gift from London,you can purchase anything..ala,you beli botol Avent pon I bagi hadiah.The catch is,sila inform me that you visit the link from My Blog..okie dokie laling2 ku..Selamat Singgah to Bebe Maison.And Selamat Berjimat..:) Daaaaaaaaaaa...

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